I'm a self-taught product designer with a background in Comparative Literature and Psychology from Columbia University. I didn't go to a design school or major in anything "design-related," but I'm a big believer in learning outside the school and the power of multidisciplinary creativity. There's so many things I want to learn, and I still have a long way to go.

Most recently, I was an Experience Design intern at Airbnb where I created and launched guest-facing experiences for the Hotels team. The summer prior to that, I was at Tencent where I helped design a mobile payment experience for riding buses and subways in China.

Other than that, I'm...

  • πŸŒ†A third-culture kid raised in Tokyo and Shanghai
  • πŸ“šA strong advocate for the preservation of endangered languages and scripts in the digital sphere
  • πŸ“ΊObsessed with Terrace House
  • 🍡Dreaming of opening a tea house post-retirement. Let's grab tea if you're in NYC!


Experience Design Intern
Summer 2019 | San Francisco, CA
Freelance UI/UX Designer
Fall 2018 β€” Present | New York, NY
Grow & Know
Digital Strategy Consultant
Spring 2019 β€” Present | New York, NY
Tencent (FinTech Division)
Product Design Intern
Summer 2018 | Shenzhen, China
Lead Product Designer
Spring 2018 - Present | New York, NY


Columbia University
B.A. Comparative Literature & Society
B.A. Psychology
2016 β€” 2020 | New York, NY
Paris Reid Hall
Music & Art Humanities Study Abroad
Summer 2017 | Paris, France