Educating and Changing Oral Health Behaviors in Young Children
MySmileBuddy is a public health project that aims to promote oral health among young children (age 2-6) from underserved communities. This project is spearheaded by the Columbia Dental School and funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). I worked on the UI/UX designs of the MySmileBuddy iPad app alongside software developer, Spencer Yen.
Fall 2019 — Ongoing

UI/UX Design

Spencer Yen (Developer)
The Problem

One-third of children from low-income families experience tooth decay before their 6th birthday.

Early childhood tooth decay is the single most prevalent chronic disease experienced by young children in the United States, four times more prevalent than asthma. The risk for developing tooth decay is especially high for children of minority and low-income families, who may lack access to pediatric dental services and parental health literacy. Educating families about risky dietary habits and health behaviors is easy, but assessing risk and changing children’s behavior is extremely challenging.

MySmileBuddy aims to close the existing gap between the instruction provided to families and the capacity of families to act on that instruction.
It is an iPad-based tool that assists community health workers (CHW) to engage poor, minority, low-literacy parents of young children in order to:

  • Assess a child’s risk for tooth decay
  • Educate parents on pediatric oral health
  • Set goals for a child's specific needs and concerns
  • Track progress until goals are met
Understand a child's current behaviors and assess their oral health risk through an interactive, guided questionnaire.
Collaboratively set actionable goals to reduce the risk of child tooth decay.
Easily track the progress of each family until their goals are met.